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Deadwood Skate Co.

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Have you been thinking about starting your own fingerboard company? but don't have the money or a lot of time to invest into making your own decks?

DeadwoodSkateCo. is a one stop shop for what you need. We offer wholesale 5 ply decks that are: pressed, drilled, and un-finished or finished for your convenience. Upon delivery all you have to do is decide if you want to sell them as blanks or put your own graphics on them.

You can choose one size or a mix of all our available sizes: (32x98mm, 33x98mm, 34x98mm, 35x98mm, 36x98mm. The choice is up to you! (ply color will vary)

Unfinished Blanks: Boards are pressed, drilled, countersunk and size outline applied to top. Nose is marked to distinguish nose from tail.

(you will need to cut/sand the decks to their final shape then clear coat your decks)

Finished Blanks: Pressed, drilled, countersunk and shaped.

Nose is marked to distinguish nose from tail (you will need to final sand the edges to desired roundness, then clear coat your decks)

Our MOQ (Minimum Order Requirement) is 10 pcs.  *If you order less than required amount, you will still be charged the flat rate shipping cost of fulfilling larger orders*

But you can order as many as you think you will need.Turnaround time will vary depending on quantity ordered.  2-3 day priority small-medium flat rate shipping 

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