Custom Real wear graphic decks

Have you been thinking about starting your own fingerboard company? or just want some custom decks for you and your friends? maybe an event? but don't have  a lot of time to invest into making your own decks?
DeadwoodSkateCo. is a one stop shop for what you need. We offer 5 ply decks that are: pressed, drilled, shaped and finished for your convenience. 
You can choose one size or a mix of all our available sizes:
(32x98mm, 33x98mm, 34x98mm, 35x98mm,  The choice is up to you! (ply color will vary)
All custom deck orders can come with a sheet of 1mm neoprene grip for an additional fee. so all you have to do is grip it and set it up.

Our MOQ (Minimum Order Requirement) is 20 pcs.  
But you can order as many as you think you will need.Turnaround time will vary depending on quantity ordered.  All orders come with 2-3 day priority small-medium flat rate shipping 
Reach out to us Via dm on Instagram: or email us at: to discuss and set up your custom order.

here's what you(the customer) needs to know:

  • Artwork for custom graphics needs to be original (ie) non trademarked or copyrighted material

  • Custom wholesale orders are non-refundable and made when ordered.

  • Artwork needs to be print ready in a CMYK format in either in a high res .Jpg or as a .Psd (Photoshop) file 300 DPI. There is a $25 setup fee (per graphic) if you want us to handle getting your graphic print ready for you. 

  • Sizing: each graphic file submission needs to be in a size format of 38mm x 102mm for overlapping reasons.

  • Once your artwork is setup and approved and payment has been made Your custom graphics take 3-5 business days to get to me after they are ordered. Once I have received your graphics you will be notified.

  • Finalizing and processing your decks takes about 5-7 business days before they can be packaged and shipped. You'll then receive a tracking number for your order via Email from USPS.

  • Eachorder is shipped flat rate with 2-3 day shipping.

 Additionally if you want custom branding stamp for the top side ply of your decks like a logo or size or both we can also accommodate to do that as well. Images for that can be submitted separately. and will be included in the invoice set to you upon order (if chosen)