DeadwoodSkateCo Fingerboard Keyholder Tool

Deadwood Skate Co.

  • $26.00

Material: Polymer
Color: Black

Your collection isn't complete until you have a DeadwoodSkateCo Holster Keychain!

This Keychain fingerboard tool is a welcome addition to any collection, serving as a perfect gift for any fingerboard fan.

Securely attach the holster to your waistband or belt to make sure your keys and fingerboard tool remain close at hand. The holster holds the keys/fingerboard tool snugly in place until manually removed.

If you need it to take along with you, you can easily add a lanyard to the extra grommet hole near the base of the holster for added convenience.

This Fingerboard Keyholder Tool features a Phillips driver for attaching your trucks and board rails, as well as a nut driver for the kingpin and truck axles.