Forever Decks

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Forever Decks

Are cnc milled from aluminum blanks. Each deck measuring in at 98mm long and final 1.55mm in thickness. These decks are .02 oz heavier than your traditional wooden fingerboard but perform the exact same way with more stiffness and the longer lifespan of it being metal vs wood.

Each deck is  metal stamped to mark the nose from the tail, countersunk and  pre tested to make sure each of the mounting hardware sits flush up top, so the rider has the option to set up the deck without grip if they choose to. This allows the user to use the (pressure technique) to let the board stick to their fingers when attempting to learn new tricks or the user is a beginner. Advanced users can set it up as normal with or without its included sheet of grip tape.

Decks are pre-milled and made to order. Select your size from the drop down menu, Once a deck is ordered They are are filed to final shape/ width  and then a 12 step process of wet sanding  to remove ridges and rough edges, then polish and cleaned to finalize the smooth finished product before packing  them and shipping. Orders will usually ship the following day ordered unless ordered on a Saturday then they will ship first thing on Monday.

Whats included?

- 1x Aluminum Forever Deck (width of your choosing)

- 1x sheet of neoprene grip tape

- 1x Vinyl stickers

*reference photos are unfinished blanks*